Biomagnetic pair therapy, also called medical biomagnetism, is a natural, noninvasive therapy that involves diagnosing and treating a large number of illnesses and conditions through the use of pairs of rare earth magnets of medium intensity that seek to equalize the pathogen’s pH level.

The history of the use of magnets dates back to 3000 BC with the Chinese. In 111 BC, Aristotle in ancient Greece used magnets for healing and pain relief. Cleopatra in ancient Egypt used natural magnets (lodestone) as speculation to keep her skin youthful, slow the aging process, etc.

Dr. Albert Roy Davis (Florida, 1930s) was the first person to discover that a magnet has two fundamentally different emanating forces from it. Everyone knew magnets had a north and south pole, but Dr. Davis discovered that the energy each pole puts out is different, especially with regards to biological life. In 1936, Dr. Davis accidentally made the discovery when he left a couple of boxes of bait worms next to a horseshoe magnet overnight. He noted that the worms in the box next to one side of the magnet were noticeably larger than the worms in the box next to the opposite side. He decided to repeat the experiment, and after several tries, he noticed that the worms exposed to the South Pole were about a third longer, thicker and more active than the worms exposed to the other side of the magnet. He also noticed the worms exposed to the North Pole were much thinner and less active and that more had died than either the control or South Pole worms.

Properly distinguishing between the two poles is extremely important for the proper application of the magnetic energy. Using the wrong magnetic pole can have very negative effects over time with biological tissue.

Dr. Richard Broeringmeyer (Kentucky, USA), a NASA medical director, spent many years researching the effects of magnetic fields in living organisms, based on the work and research of Albert Roy Davis. In the 1970s, Dr. Broeringmeyer studied the effects that the lack of gravity had over the astronauts, noticing that when they return to Earth, they would have one leg shorter than the other, along with osteoporosis and other conditions that they didn’t have before leaving Earth’s magnetic field. He sought out the cause of this anomaly using magnets to eliminate the findings. He discovered that the body’s pH (acidity/alkalinity) was linked to the influence the magnets exerted on the body. He determined a tie between the pH states of certain body parts and their functions as related to health thus arriving at the conclusion that magnets polarizations leads to pathological states- disease.

It is well known that increased acidity creates a concentration of hydrogen ions, H+, while increased alkalinity is caused by a concentration of pH – ions. Dr. Broeringmeyer worked methodically with these early observations and he gradually and painstakingly discovered one by one the first 150 biomagnetic pairs and developing the theory of what is now known as the Biomagnetic Pair Therapy.

Dr. Broeringmeyer traveled to Mexico City to deliver a lecture about magnets for doctors at a large public hospital. He had been advised to not publish his research or to give public talks about his revolutionary discoveries.

Dr. Isaac Goiz Duran attended that lecture and showed special interest in the topics presented at the conference. For this reason or another, it seems Dr. Broeringmeyer allowed exclusive access to Dr. Goiz to all his precious writings that formed the theory of the biomagnetic pair therapy so they could be kept in custody just in case “something” happened to him.

And indeed very shortly after that lecture, Dr. Richard Broeringmeyer surprisingly died under strange circumstances. Dr. Goiz is given credit for carrying on the development and promoting of biomagnetic pairs therapy.

According to medical biomagnetism, a large number of illnesses including cancer and many other complex diseases are associated with fundamental alterations in the pH level in the internal organs with the presence of viruses, bacteria, fungus, parasites, toxins, and other harmful factors. The development of illnesses cannot happen with a balanced pH level.

Pathogens appear when there are fundamental distortions in the pH level. When a body us too acidic (hyperacidity/low pH) then it is prone to viral and fungal infections and degenerative processes. A body that is too alkaline (hyper alkalinity/ high pH) then it is subject to inflammation, swelling, pain and bacterial and parasitic infections.

The locations and placement of biomagnetic pair magnets have been clinically defined. The coupled magnetic placement area have been found to be energetically connected and have a bi-local relation, and placement of one positive polarity (indicated by red on the magnet face) and one negative polarity (indicated by the black on the magnet face) magnet on the body for approximately 15-20 minutes in our area of the country is capable of reestablishing the acid-alkaline balance.

Full body biomagnetic pair scans can take up to one hour or more. The number of treatments depends on many factors: sensitivity of illness, how long patient has had problem(s), type of illness, other conditions and illnesses. Everyone is different. Age, lifestyle, mental and emotional state, build, immune system, deterioration and damage of organs and systems, all have to be considered.

A consultation would have to be scheduled to determine the length and frequency of your treatments.

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